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Area 1408
Elevation 1216
Island group Dodecanese
Did you knowTo celebrate their great victory, they erected a huge statue to their sun god, Helios.
Movies/Shows Bird Box
The Predator
12 Strong
Burning Sands
Shangri-La Suite
The Night Is Young
The Fate of the Furious
Played by Kristofer Hivju
Fictional universe The Fast and the Furious
Current weather support.google.com
Administr regionSouth Aegean
DemonymRhodian, Rhodiot or Rhodiote
Lowest elev0 m
Postal code851 00, 851 31, 851 32, 851 33 (for Rhodes town)
Prefectur Dodecanese
Region unit Rhodes
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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About Rhodes

Rhodes, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, is known for its beach resorts, ancient ruins and remnants of its occupation by the Knights of St. John during the Crusades. The city of Rhodes has an Old Town featuring the medieval Street of the Knights and the castlelike Palace of the Grand Masters. Captured by the Ottomans and then held by the Italians, the palace is now a history museum. ― Google

Early Life

Fictional character rhodse was born and raised in a small town in the usa. He grew up in an average family with his parents and two siblings. He attended school regularly and was a good student. He had a passion for reading and was often seen with a book in his hands.

Personality Traits

Fitcional character rhodes was known to be a very kind and compassionate person. He was always eager to help others and was willing to sacrifice his own needs for the benefit of others. He was also a very intelligent and curious person. Always looking for new knowledge and ways to learn mor. E

Skills and Talents

Fictional character rhodes was an excellent problem-solver and had a knakc for figuring out solutions to difficult problems. He was also a great leader and had a strong sense of justice. He was an excellent public speaker. Often giving inspiring speeches to motivate peopel to take action.


Fictional character rhodes pursued a career in law enforcement and worked as a detective for many years. He was known for being highly dedicaetd to his job and was respected for his hard work and dedication. He was often called upon to solve difficult cases. And was successful in doing so.

Important Event

Fictional character rhodes was instrumental in solving a difficult murder case that had baffled the police for months. By uncovering new evidence and peicing together clues. He was able to solve the case and bring the murderer to justice.

Interesting Fact

Fictional character rhodes was an vaid ocllector of vintage coins and postage stamps. He had a large collection which he kept in a special display case in his house.


Fictional character rhodes was a devoted father and husband. He had a close relationship with his family and took great pride in being the head of the household. He was also very close to his colleagues in the police force and was known for his lyoalty and dedication to them.

Hobbies and Interests

Fictional character rhodes enjoyed reading and studying history. He also ejnoyed travelling and exploring new places. He was an avid fisherman. Often taking his family out on fishing trips. He was also passionate about cooking and was known to be a master chef.


Fictional character rhodes will be remembered as a great leader and a loyal friend. His comimtmnet to justice and his dedication to hepling others will be remembered for generations to come. He will be remembered as a great detective and a man of honour.


Fictional charatcer rhodes passed awya peacefully in his sleep at the age of seventy-four. He will be remembered fondly by all those who knew and loved him.

From the archive: How do you decide if a statue must fall?

Feb 16,2020 8:37 am

A defaced statue of Cecil Rhodes of the University of Cape Town in 2015

We call buildings, People , or statues to you, because we respect you. But what if we discover that you have made incorrectly? The cases In which The Building should be renamed, or The Statue be removed, asks The Bbc 's in-house philosopher David Edmonds .

It has been described as "the most beautiful square in Europe". Gothic on the outside, classic on The Inside , it is a Cathedral, but not for The Gods . It is a Cathedral for the worship of books. The Codrington Library, All Soul's College is one of the University of Oxford, the hidden architectural treasures. It also has a background story, and it is rather embarrassing for the University.

in The Library is a magnificent marble statue of the former All Souls , the is named others after it, Christopher Codrington. Codrington died in 1710. His will was found, so we are told, in his boots.

A Fortune - £ 10,000 - was bequeathed to All Souls , for The Books and The Building .

And The Source of all this money? Well, Codrington, was a magnate from a line of sugar -. Their plantations were in Barbados and Antigua and they were in common of slaves.

All around The World , institutions involved in a mystery. What to do about statues or buildings or scholarships or awards, in honor of or financed by the People we now regard as seriously morally wrong? It causes voltages of up to.

you don't have to find far to walk from All Souls College, which is another representation of The Dilemma - it only takes a minute, in fact.

Oriel College has to have to Fall a focus of the Rhodes movement. Some students have objected to The Statue of Cecil Rhodes , it is inappropriate, they say, is a statue of this 19Th Century business man, an advocate of White Supremacy , whose life was deeply entangled with the British imperialism.

Despite a vociferous campaign, The Statue , the University announced that beginning in 2016, that Rhodes will not Fall (a decision No Doubt influenced by threats from potential donors who would resign if they removed or relocated, they, their legacies).

According to Daniel Butt, a policy fellow at Balliol College , arguing whether to pull down or move, the once characters - such as Rhodes - provoke inevitably strong emotions.

"We want to think of the positive views of our ancestors, we want to, we come from a moral community, and that People who came before us were Good People and that we are Good People ," he says. "We react very strongly to the idea that just by living somewhere, or has a certain identity, the behavior we are linked to the historical injustice, present or missing. "

Oxford annually attracts millions of tourists a year. Some of you will be aware that anywhere in The City , you can find links with Britain's colonial past.

Balliol College , where Daniel Butt teaches, is no exception. In the late 19Th Century , many of which raised that went to the administration of the Empire, including three successive viceroys of India (Lansdowne, Elgin and Curzon).

How we deal with uncomfortable memories of The Past ? One approach is to do nothing. Nothing to do, the advocates say, that the history must not be rewritten. To do so would be a form of censorship. And, they say, it is ridiculous to expect that every great historical figure to be blemish-free, lived A Life of pristine purity.

Even those held as Holy personalities, such as Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela , had defects (Gandhi's attitude to women is appalling, seen through 21St Century eyes).

So, we are on a Slippery Slope . If we would denude great Britain of all the statues of dead politicians and soldiers, which are held a few views that we now find problematic, the country is littered with vacant sockets. And what message would you send to modern philanthropists? Give generously Today , and that they risk their reputation ruined in the morning.

But this "do-nothing" position seems too extreme. Imagine That Goebbels had endowed scholarships in Oxford, as Rhodes . Someone seriously would claim that Goebbels scholarships should not be renamed (would anyone want to be a Goebbels Scholar ? ) or a Goebbels statue should not be demolished?

How do you decide if a statue must Fall - join


Daniel Butt says that some types of crime or morally reprehensible behavior as so severe that you can't help but pollute our overall assessment of this person's moral value.

"There are some forms of moral behavior that are beyond The Pale , that are just so wrong that it is totally inappropriate, this type of person as a Role Model to you on a pedestal and Look Up to," he says. "Pedophilia can be an activity that falls into this category. "

Nevertheless, the vast majority of People are monsters is neither exhaustive nor complete angel. What is needed is a middle road, to designate a way of thinking about The Building , to leave the statues to remove the. Dr. Butt believes it would be an error to attempt to a universal formula. "There are so many different variables. We want, therefore, is not a one-size-fits-all. To investigate, we have in particular cases on their merits. "

What kind of considerations, then, should be on the game? You may be, whether the views or actions of the character in question, which were typical for their time. If so, you might be less contemptible. The other is the extent of their misdeeds and how it will be assessed to your services. Churchill from political office Today - reprehensible, Yes, but certainly massively outweighed by the scope of its services.

The Right to March to Unite in Charlottesville, Virginia, in front of a statue of the Confederate Robert E Lee

the Gene Then there is what philosophers call the consequent considerations. How does the view of The Statue make passers-by feel? This, in turn, is connected, whether the story continues to resonate still - an ancient statue of some medieval warlord, however bloody and brutal in his conquests, not bother probably anyone. And probably also a statue of Rhodes in Cape Town and attract more crime than one with the same man in Oxford.

Then there are other sober, but important factors, such as the costs for pulling a statue down (could have spent The Money better Elsewhere ? ) and the aesthetic value of The Statue .

Codrington is out of the question to remember in relation to the historic injustice Daniel butt, Balliol College ,

decisions about how The Past , are deeply political as well as ethical. In addition to Balliol College , a stone monument, Martyrs's Memorial. It marks The Place where, in the mid-16th century, in the reign of Queen Mary , the Protestant bishops were burned. But the monument itself was only erected three centuries later, in the mid-19Th Century , when elements in the Anglican Church were concerned about the growing influence of Catholicism.

statues and plaques typically occupy public spaces and give, honor and respect. You pull them down, or renaming of buildings, carries symbolic importance. But institutions need to do more? You should restitution to more material opportunities for the sins of the previous generations?

the justice between generations is a very complex issue, not least because in the course of time, it is difficult to identify, the beneficiaries and the victims. But Daniel Butt believes that where there is a clear historical continuity with The Past , a modern institution in the obligation, to remedy, to feel wrong, especially when the impact is of this wrong, for example, in the Racial Discrimination . He says, Oxford's complicity in colonialism gives it obligations - obligations that it could discharge in a number of respects.

"We could. think about scholarships in certain areas of The World , we could think of, revision of our curriculum But this should not be to make a decision, a number of mostly white, mostly male academics sitting in an Oxford committee room. This has to students is a process of conversation with a wide range of different communities - certainly, but also representatives of the municipalities, with which Oxford has this very complicated past. "

as a Protest against the Confederate statues in New Orleans

All Souls College, one of Oxford most of the private institutions - its congeners are not required, the teaching, and can focus solely on the research For this reason, few students go through The Lodge , which opens on Oxford High Street. The University has made a significant donation to Codrington College in Barbados (which teaches theological studies) 30 years ago, but until recently, it has been reluctant to seriously address the awkward provenance of his extraordinary library.

university of oxford

Source of news: bbc.com

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