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    Quaden Bayles: Bullied Australian boy performs with an all-star rugby team
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    Crowds cheer as the nine-year-old indigenous Australians, takes centre stage in the Queensland match.
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    The Crowd cheered, as Quaden stated that the Indigenous All made of Stars

    A nine-year-old Australian boy, centre-stage at a large sports event, day, conquered after a video of him in the distress of being bullied, the hearts all over The World .

    the quadi Bayles, of itself, aboriginal, of a local Rugby League team in an exhibition match in Queensland against New Zealand Maoris led.

    the quadi mother said he had always dreamed of becoming a Rugby League star.

    she released the clip of him crying after he was grew specifically in the school for the dwarf.

    celebrities offered their support, and.

    "Best day of his life"

    The National Rugby League Indigenous All Stars team Quaden invited to lead the side for The Game against the Maori All Stars on Saturday on Australia's Gold Coast .

    at The Hand of team captain Joel Thompson , also he led them on the field of play, accompanied by a roar from The Crowd .

    Quaden wore noise-cancelling headphones for The Event

    He turned with the teams holding The Game ball, before handing it to the referee.

    The Maori All-Stars won The Game 30-16.

    mother Yarraka Bayles said at a press conference on Friday that the quadi was "the worst day of his life The Best day of his life".

    the day before, she had posted the video of the quadi, was viewed millions of times.

    "This is it, what is the meaning of bullying," she says in the video, her son says he wants to end his life.

    celebrities such as actor Hugh Jackman and basketball player Enes Kanter spoke, while Parents in other countries, joint video message by their children.

    Ms Bayles said, you hope that your son's experience was to raise awareness about the effects of bullying.

    "We lose a lot to many people because of bullying, because of the discrimination due to racism. There are so many factors of bullying," She Said .

    "on top of that, an aboriginal boy with a disability, people do not understand, this is a two-edged sword. It is racism, And Then there is a discrimination on the basis of disability. "

    What's in the video, the quadi happens?

    In the six-minute video, posted on Tuesday, quadi mother describes the merciless bullying experienced by her son Every Day . The Family , the Australian Aborigines, life in Queensland.

    "I took my son out of school, experienced a bullying episode, rang the client, and I want people to know - Parents , educators, Teachers - this is the effect that bullying has," Ms Bayle says, as a to sob her son.

    the video of the quadi wines has been displayed, the millions of online

    "of Each individual. Day, Something Happens . Another episode, another is bullying, the other taunt, another name-calling.

    "Can you please educate your children, your family, your friends?"

    If you or someone you know, needs support for any questions about this story, in Australia you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636

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