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    Plácido Domingo asks to women who accused him of sexual harassment
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    The Opera star says he is " truly sorry" for the pain caused to women accused him of harassment.
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    #metoo campaign, plácido domingo, opera
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    Plácido Domingo has caused "damage" to the accused several women of sexual harassment to him.

    The opera star, after several allegations.

    a total of 20 women have now Domingo , accused of " harassment and inappropriate behavior. He denies all the claims.

    "I respect that these women finally feel comfortable enough to speak," Domingo said in

    "I want you to know that I Am truly sorry for the pain I caused you,"

    He added: "I take full responsibility for my actions, and I grew from this experience. "

    Its statement was issued, which represents according to an investigation by Domingo from a U.S. trade Union, the Opera Performers .

    Domingo had "engaged in inappropriate activities, ranging from flirting to sexual advances, in and outside the workplace".

    The allegations, which go as far back as the 1980s, the by the Associated Press .

    He said Domingo had often put pressure on women in sexual relations, and sometimes professionally, those who have rejected him punished.

    In his statement, Domingo said he had taken "the time to reflect on The Last few months, on the allegations that various colleagues of mine have against me, or lifted up.

    "now I understand that some women are afraid to Express themselves honestly because of a concern that their career would be negatively affected if they did so. While that was never my intention, no one should ever be feeling that way. "

    Domingo , who is the, 79, is one of opera's biggest stars, commander of the sell-out audiences around The World .

    He was married to his second wife, the soprano Marta Ornelas, since 1962.

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