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    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
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    Mollie Elizabeth King is an English singer-songwriter, television and radio presenter and model. She is best known for being a member of girl group The Saturdays.

  • Photos
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
    Mollie King - Singer-songwriter
  • 2518904 Strictly Come Dancing: 14 things we have in this year, the stars

    Number of words : 1642 Number of sentences : 103 Number of paragraphs : 63

    Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly return to host the 17th Series of Strictly

    Personal Trainer spray tanners and marriage counsellors are around a huge thorn in the business, such as the latest Series of Strictly Come Dancing begins.

    And there are quite a few New Faces at the fair this Year .

    Rylan is, Motsi is Mabuse, and that's before we even get to the competitors.

    We talked to hope, to waltz your way to a victory this Year , and learned The Following things:

    1. Alex Scott of doubt, it is the bookmaker " favorite stay for long.

    The former footballer, currently has win odds of 4/1 to make this Series to ignore their

    "I'll try that, because when The Show starts, I think that could change," she laughs. "I get messages from my friends like" you know, you're the favorite,' and I'm like 'shut up!'

    Alex Scott and Bayley, "I think I'm just the favorite, because I have Relief sports [Strictly special]. And I was up in front of Chris Kamara , who had a bad back and couldn't train. And David Ginola were flying on The Day and Karen was trying to teach him.

    "[While] I had a few days with the feast of the Passover, so I was always gonna be, so I think that is the only reason why. "

    2. You don't have to address a viscountess Emma Weymouth as a Viscountess Emma Weymouth.

    This is not a Lord sugar-a situation.

    "I'm Emma . Just Emma ," she clarified, refers to the title she inherited when she married Viscount Weymouth, Ceawlin Thynn, in 2012.

    "of Course, the official name is, and maybe it helps, if there are two Emma 's. [EastEnders actress Emma Barton , the competition this Year . ] But I honestly don't know what is [Strictly] will call us. Only I call me Emma . "

    "don't fall in!", Chris Ramsey . "I called you" just "Emma " The Other day and my council tax went! No word of a lie. "

    viscountess Emma Weymouth and Chris Ramsey 3. Dev Griffin is more concerned about radio-rivalry than the actual competition.

    "None of these guys in the cast are my competition at the moment," the presenter says. "The Only People that I are in a competition against past Radio 1 people. "

    It is a friendly rivalry at The Station , that DJs, including Scott Mills , Mollie King and Melvin Odoom have also participated in the Series in The Past .

    He adds broadcasting Radio 1 listeners-who are not shy about SMS, if you like Something - has helped him develop a thick skin for criticism, which will surely help when you are in front of the judge.

    "I'll radio to the United Kingdom, man. I don't think that there is Something , what the judges say to me, that is worse than someone who is not appreciative of that my link in the news!"

    4. Will Bayley is glad that she will finally get a proper spray tan.

    "My mother owns a Beauty Shop ," the Paralympic Table Tennis -player has declared. "And you always try this fake tan to me.

    "you used to do it while I was Growing Up , and I always looked rubbish, so I always look forward to a proper fake tan, looks decent!"

    saffron Barker and Mike Bushell 5. Saffron Barker is aware of Joe Sugg set a high bar for YouTubers.

    "It will be hard to follow in his footsteps, But hopefully for the whole YouTube community, I can," she says. "It's really nice to see that he was so good and everyone got his personality to Shine. "

    Sugg The First YouTuber was to participate last Year and made it to the finals.

    "This is my dream," Barker continued. "I never want to quit YouTube, But I would Just Love to do it only on TV. That was my dream, whether it's platforms, TV, -, -, only the implementation in some way. "

    6. Karim Zeroual is the height, which can be a obstacle.

    "I think, on the actual show, I'm so nervous," the CBBC presenter has to say about his Strictly debut. "At the moment we do group dancing, and we are in a little bubble, But as soon as we disperse, then I get nervous.

    "I Just Love music, I've done Street Dance and a little ballet when I was younger, so that definitely helps. But I'm a little boy, a man, raise a girl, what a girl, it is hard for me. "

    Anneka Rice and Karim Zeroual 7. Anneka Rice masseuse is a little worried about your well-being.

    "About Six Weeks ago I fell in my neighbor's garden, down a slippery slope", The Veteran broadcaster explains the question according to your recent injury.

    "It was after I had registered, and in The Middle of my fitness training. So in The Last Six Weeks I have to rest really. I have steroid injections, and hopefully it will be fine. It was the definition of sod's law!

    "I'm covered with bruises. I went for a massage and The Lady went on, " are you all right?' You think phone someone, because I was covered with bruises, and that's just Anton and everyone around threw me, like a bloody rag-doll. "

    8. David James is always a Great Showman.

    It might be hard to imagine that the former England goalkeeper around, dipping into some of The Most extravagant musicals, But this is exactly what is happening.

    Asked how he is preparing for The Show , James says: "Every Day I have just videos, it has gone through my head, walk around The House , and when I walk my dogs, I try to avoid, pirouettes, But there are improvements.

    "is It to do if you are watching a musical, The Greatest Showman, for example, and you start looking at the trains, while she makes a Cup of Coffee . "

    Catherine Tyldesley and James Cracknell 9. Michelle Visage kept Strictly, because she loves the UK.

    RuPaul's Drag Race star has a good relationship with the United Kingdom - she is currently filming for the UK version of Drag Race and recently starred in The West End.

    And her love, The British cover is the choice to do that corresponds Strictly to the US.

    "I didn't want to do Dancing With The Stars , because I was waiting for Strictly. Everything I wanted to do I was Strict," she says.

    "I had friends on Dancing With The Stars In America , so you me your advice, and I will not take it, because you will not get very far!"

    10. Chris Ramsey brings the Strictly experience to South Shields .

    The Comedian hopes to train in his home, to spend too much time away from His Family .

    "Hopefully. Well, that was one of The Most important things to me for doing The Show ," he says. "I have a three-and-a-half-Year -old child to train so, it will be amazing. Some bad dancers come up to South Shields !"

    But , he adds (a bit controversial): "I'll meet you in Newcastle and travel to Newcastle. I don't want you to go to South Shields . There is not much for you. "

    Emma Barton and Dev Griffin 11. Catherine Tyldesley is very happy about the freedom to eat what you want.

    Coronation Street 's Eva Price , has received some valuable advice from a former Strictly competitor in particular.

    "I spoke with Gemma Atkinson and was like "Girls, help me out' and she just said 'only thing to do is to let your inhibitions go and enjoy it. All other that I know of, has done, the card has said the same thing.

    "you, Too, she was like 'to look after your body, eat as much as you can and sleep as much as you. And, so far, she's right, because I can't stop eating! I'm burning so many calories, my life is the best life. "

    12. Mike Bushell thought some of the dances were actually desserts.

    "Breakfast I don't underestimate what a physical Extreme Sport is dancing," says the BBC-sports-presenter.

    "The athletics, you need to do to be able to be moved, find muscles you never knew you had, And Then the mental side is like rubbing your stomach while patting your head at the same time, to music, to a really fast pace.

    "And there is the Paso Doble , which I really think was a pudding until we started. "

    Michelle Visage is a star of RuPaul's Drag Race 13. The Charleston is definitely not to Emma Barton ' s favorite dance.

    "I'm really excited to do some ballroom-style dancing of the waltz, as the," The Actress says. "I really love All That classic stuff, this is the era, I'm really busy. I'm a bit nervous of all The Fast stuff. "

    you recognize, it can be given a slight advantage in that their previous experience in the implementation.

    "I think it's the musicality of page, the count will probably be, [But ] I have never used the dance to do Strictly, so that it is new, I am more jazz-hands. "

    14. James Cracknell is the coordination can be a lot to be desired.

    "There are always a few athletes, But it is not a coincidence has not made a rower Strictly, because we are not blessed in the vote," The Double Olympic champion says.

    Strictly Come Dancing is on Saturday on Bbc One and Bbc Iplayer .

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