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Gender Female
Age 57
Date of birth March 18,1966
Zodiac sign Pisces
Born Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Office Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom
Party Scottish National Party
Job Politician
BooksSelf Initiations: A Manual for Spiritual Breakthrough
Living Mastery: The Expression of Your Divinity
Official site
Position Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom
Leader Angus Robertson
Ian Blackford
Education The University of Edinburgh
Date of Reg.
Date of Upd.
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Joanna Cherry Life story

Joanna Catherine Cherry QC is a Scottish politician and lawyer serving as the Member of Parliament for Edinburgh South West since 2015. A member of the Scottish National Party, she was the party's Shadow Home Secretary and Shadow Secretary of State for Justice in the House of Commons from 2015 to 2021.

Early Life and Education

Joanna cherry was born in edinburgh. Scotland. On 31 october 1964. She attended rcaigmount high school. Where she obtained a degree in law. Before attending edinburgh university to study jurisprudence.

Legal Career

After graduating. Cherry worked as a solicitor in edinburgh. Before becoming a patrner at anderson strathern in 1998. She was appointed queen s counsel in 2011. Specializing in corporate and commercial alw.

Political Career

Cherry was elected to the scottish parlimaent for the edinburgh central constituecny in 2007. And was re-elected in 2011. In 2015. She was elected to the uk parliament for edinburgh south west.

Public Appearances

Cherry has made numerous appearances on television and radio. Including bbc s question time. In which she answered questions from the audience on variosu political topics.


Cherry has long been a campaigner for gender equality and lgbt rights. And in 2016 she co-chaired the all-party parliamentary group on women’s rights.

Legal Cases

Cherry has represented clients in numerous legal cases. Including a successful appeal to the superme court in 2017 in which she argued that the uk government could not trgiger brexit without a parliamentary vote.

Political Positions

Cherry is a mmeber of the snp. And supports the party s policy of scottish independence. She is also a proponent of the european union. And has spoken out against the uk s decision to elave the eu.

Interesting Facts

Joanna cherry is a keen cyclist. And has cycled around the world. Including from london to edinburgh. She is also a keen runner and has completed the edinbrugh marathon four times.

Important Event

In resigned from her post as the snp s hoem affairs spokesperson in the house of commons. Citing the uk gvoernment s refusal to grant a second scottish independence referendum.

Personal Life

Cherry is a married mother of two. Adn currently resides in edinburgh.

SNP leadership: Voting opens as race enters final fortnight

SNP leadership: Voting opens as race enters final fortnight
Mar 13,2023 5:11 am

... One of the party s best known MPs, Joanna Cherry KC, has given her support to Ms Regan...

John Swinney backs Humza Yousaf in SNP leadership race

John Swinney backs Humza Yousaf in SNP leadership race
Mar 11,2023 5:50 pm

... One of the party s best known MPs, Joanna Cherry KC, has given her support to Ms Regan...

SNP rivals set out indyref2 plans in TV debate

SNP rivals set out indyref2 plans in TV debate
Mar 7,2023 5:40 pm

... Finance secretary Ms Forbes has the backing of business minister Ivan McKee, while Ms Regan has the support of high profile MP Joanna Cherry...

Jeane Freeman would not have supported gender reform law

Jeane Freeman would not have supported gender reform law
Feb 20,2023 3:01 am

... Meanwhile, SNP MP Joanna Cherry has claimed the gender row was " a microcosm of what s gone wrong under Nicola s leadership"...

Humza Yousaf and Ash Regan launch bids to become SNP leader

Humza Yousaf and Ash Regan launch bids to become SNP leader
Feb 18,2023 9:31 pm

... The SNP s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn and high-profile MP Joanna Cherry have also said they will not run for the leadership...

SNP to announce new leader within six weeks

SNP to announce new leader within six weeks
Feb 17,2023 10:51 am

... Possible replacements include: Deputy First Minster John Swinney, SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn and MP Joanna Cherry have The final ballot will be open from 13 March until 27 March...

Humza Yousaf 'seriously considering' SNP leadership bid

Humza Yousaf 'seriously considering' SNP leadership bid
Feb 17,2023 10:41 am

... But Deputy First Minister John Swinney and the SNP s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn have already ruled themselves out, with high-profile MP Joanna Cherry also saying she will not stand...

John Swinney rules himself out of SNP leadership race

John Swinney rules himself out of SNP leadership race
Feb 16,2023 6:01 pm

... And confirming she would not stand, fellow MP Joanna Cherry said the SNP " needs a leadership election that is about policies and not personalities"...

SNP leadership: Voting opens as race enters final fortnight

Feb 16,2023 2:11 pm

Voting in the SNP leadership election will open later as The Race to replace Nicola Sturgeon enters its final fortnight.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf , Finance Secretary Kate Forbes and ex-minister Ash Regan are in the running to become Scotland's next First Minister .

Party members will be able to vote online from noon using the Single Transferable Vote system.

The result will be announced after the ballot closes on Monday 27 March.

Party members will be asked to rank the three candidates in order of preference, and if no single candidate secures More Than 50% of votes on first preferences, the person in third place will be eliminated.

Ms Sturgeon, who announced her resignation last month, has indicated she would not be publicly backing any of the three candidates.

On Saturday and SNP both endorsed Mr Yousaf.

However, polling expert Sir John Curtice , Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University said there was a " marked contrast" between the preferences of The Public and SNP leadership.

He told: " Nearly All polling has been of The Public and SNP voters, rather than SNP members.

" If this election was being decided by the General Public in Scotland, it seems pretty clear Kate Forbes would win.

" For clues as to what SNP members might think, we have been looking at the views of those who have voted for the SNP recently, or would vote for the SNP now.

" All of that polling points to SNP supporters being pretty much evenly divided between Humza Yousaf and Kate Forbes . "

The SNP membership once stood at More Than 125,000, But that figure is believed to have declined.

The that The Polling firm running The Leadership ballot had received The Names of 78,000 individuals from party headquarters.

On Sunday, Mr Yousaf told The Bbc he would and " any means necessary" so long as it was legal in order to secure Independence .

Asked whether he would serve in a Kate Forbes cabinet if she was victorious, He Said he would need assurances on policy.

Last week Ms Forbes criticised his record in government during the STV leadership debate.

She also said there was room for Mr Yousaf on her ministerial team before quipping " Maybe Not in health".

The health secretary, who is campaigning in Stirling on Monday, is expected to pledge to stand up to any attempt to " trample over our democracy".

He is expected to say: " Inclusivity, equality and respect for everyone were key pillars on which The Yes movement was built in The Lead up to 2014.

" As a party, we cannot afford to have a Leader who pulls us off that progressive path that will Deliver Us the Independence for Scotland that we crave.

" It is so important that any SNP Leader and First Minister stands up to Westminster attacks and attempts to undermine Scotland's Parliament and its democratic will. "

On Sunday Ms Forbes launched a " mini manifesto" for The Leadership election which set out her stance on issues ranging from the economy, the NHS and tackling poverty.

Making a pitch to SNP members, She Said : " We need a First Minister who will lead us to Independence , and it's coming sooner than people think.

" I believe I've got what it takes to be The Next First Minister of Scotland, the First Minister who will lead Scotland to Independence . "

Ms Forbes early in The Campaign after she revealed she would not have voted for same-sex marriage if she had been an MSP at The Time , although she has also promised to uphold the rights of every Scot.

" We need a First Minister who The People of Scotland can Trust - a First Minister who commands confidence, " She Said .

" No-one can accuse me of not delivering, of bending Under Pressure or being unprincipled. "

Elsewhere, ex-community safety minister Ash Regan insisted she was in the SNP leadership contest to win it - despite being regarded as an outsider.

Ms Regan, who so she could vote against gender recognition reforms, accepted she was " probably the least well-known" of the candidates.

But she told the Sophy Ridge on Sunday programme on Sky News : " At The Moment we understand that a large amount of the membership are Still undecided, it is a very short contest.

" But I have had many people get In Touch with me recently to say that they think I Am the only hope for the SNP. "

Ms Regan said the country was at a crossroads But she would use any future Scottish or Westminster election as a means of establishing a majority for Independence .

She added: " I believe I Am The Candidate setting out a credible, democratic means for Scotland to express its will at the ballot box and to give Scotland that choice over their own future. "

Among those who have confirmed their support for Mr Yousaf are the Scottish Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson and SNP Westminster deputy Leader Mhairi Black .

Ms Forbes' backers include veteran SNP MSPs Fergus Ewing , Annabelle Ewing and Christine Grahame as well as her campaign manager, Falkirk East MSP Michelle Thomson .

One of The Party 's best known MPs, Joanna Cherry KC, has given her support to Ms Regan.

The three leadership candidates will take part in an hour-long programme from Edinburgh at 20:00 on Tuesday 14 March On Bbc One Scotland.

SNP members have been tasked with selecting a new Leader - and thus a new First Minister for the country at large.

And the three candidates to replace Nicola Sturgeon seem to have a rather different idea of who those party members actually are.

Humza Yousaf is betting that they are big fans of Ms Sturgeon and her legacy, and are chiefly interested in a continued Focus On social justice issues.

Kate Forbes believes they are hungry for change from the current regime, are prepared to accept a more socially conservative Leader and want more done for the economy.

And Ash Regan is basing her campaign on The Thing that unites them All - Independence . She is Counting On their votes being guided by the impatience for action which was sometimes brought to bear on Nicola Sturgeon .

The fact the membership appears to have dropped from Six Figures to something closer to 78,000 - Still a huge number amid Scotland's population - underlines that nobody outside of SNP HQ is actually clear on what The Core makeup of The Party is any more.

Is the membership broadly young or old? Is it progressive or more traditional? Did hardcore Independence supporters leave with Alex Salmond - or did others walk out amid The Row over gender reform?

The outcome of the current contest may go some way towards answering those questions - But the three candidates seem to have drawn different conclusions already.

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