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    How migrants cross the Channel from Calais
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    The BBC's Gavin Lee-boards a small boat to see some of the dangers you face by migrants who cross the English channel.
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    The BBC's Gavin Lee boards a small boat to see some of the dangers face by migrants who cross the English Channel .

    Nearly 1,100 have successfully crossed the Channel this year, including More Than 336 in August, that's the highest monthly figure ever recorded.

    A Home Office spokesperson said: "Crossing the Channel in a small boat is a huge risk. The Criminal gangs who perpetuate this are ruthless and do not care about loss of life. On Friday the Home Secretary and her French counterpart agreed to intensify joint action to tackle small boat crossings in the Channel. Including drawing up an enhanced action plan to deploy more resources along the French coast to intercept and stop crossings. "

    Produced and Filmed by: Bruno Boelpaep

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