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CeoTal Granot Goldstein
Owners Altice
FoundedAugust 18
Subsidiaries Hot Mobile
Hot-net Internet Services Ltd
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Hot Telecommunication Systems Ltd. is a company that provides cable television, last-mile Internet access, broadband and telecommunication services in Israel. It also provides various data transmission services and network services at different rates, services to the business sector and other ancillary services.

How to drive in snow and icy weather

How to drive in snow and icy weather
Mar 9,2023 5:30 am

... Take some food, chocolate, biscuits, water and a Hot drink if you can...

Rangers in Seville: Thousands in city ready for Europa final

Rangers in Seville: Thousands in city ready for Europa final
May 18,2022 11:25 am

... " It is stiflingly Hot - 32, 33C - and the squares are packed with the red, white and blue colours of Rangers and the black of Eintracht Frankfurt supporters, " he said...

MOBOs: Dave and Little Simz among nominations

MOBOs: Dave and Little Simz among nominations
Nov 11,2021 4:34 pm

... The nominees in fullBest Male ActAJ TraceyCentral CeeDaveGhettsHeadie OnePotter PayperBest Female ActArlo ParksBree RunwayCleo SolLittle SimzShayboTiana Major9Album of the yearArlo Parks - Collapsed in SunbeamsCeleste - Not Your MuseCleo Sol - MotherDave - We re All Alone in this TogetherGhetts - Conflict of InterestHeadie One - EdnaSong of the yearA1 x J1 - Latest TrendsCentral Cee - Commitment IssuesDave featuring Stormzy - ClashEnny featuring Amia Brave - Peng Black Girls Pa Salieu featuring Backroad Gee - My FamilyTion Wayne and Russ Millions, Arrdee, Bugzy Malone, Buni, Darkoo, E1 (3x3), Fivio Forei & ZT (3X3) - Body (remix)Best newcomerArlo ParksArrdeeBackroad GeeBerwynCentral CeeEnnyJoy CrookesMidas the JagabanPinkPantheressWes NelsonVideo of the yearBree Runway - Hot Hot (Directed by Jocelyn Anquetil)Fredo featuring Dave - Money Talks (Directed by Edem Wornoo)Little Simz featuring Cleo Sol - Woman (Directed by Little Simz)M1llionz - Lagga (Directed by Teeeezy C)Pa Salieu Featuring Backroad Gee - My Family (Directed by Femi Ladi)Slowthai featuring A$AP Rocky - Mazza (Directed by The Rest)Best R& B/soul actBellahCleo SolJorja SmithSaultTiana Major9WSTRNBest grime actBugzy MaloneChipD Double EFriscoGhettsSkeptaBest hip-hop actDaveD-Block EuropeFredoLittle Simz Potter PayperSlowthaiBest drill actCentral CeeDigga DHeadie OneK TrapLoskiM1llionzRuss MillionsSRTion Wayne Unknown TBest international actDoja CatDrakeKanye WestLil Nas XMegan Thee StallionPolo GRema SkillibengWizkidYoung Stoner Life (Young Thug & Gunna)Best performance in a TV show/filmAshley Thomas as Henry in ThemDamson Idris as Franklin Saint in SnowfallDaniel Kaluuya as Fred Hampton in Judas & the Black MessiahLetitia Wright as Altheia Jones-LeCointe in Small AxeMicheal Ward as Franklyn in Small AxeBest media personalityCharlene WhiteChunkz & Yung FillyHarry PineroHenrie KwushueJulie AdenugaMaya JamaMo GilliganMunya ChawawaNella RoseZeze MillzBest gospel actCalledOut MusicCeCe WinansGuvna BKirk FranklinMaverick City MusicS...

Coronavirus is from the doctor's diary: Why is the pandemic-making medical careers popular?

Coronavirus is from the doctor's diary: Why is the pandemic-making medical careers popular?
Jun 5,2020 3:55 am

... I went to bed, and I was too Hot and I was like really, really Hot...

UK snow: Answers to your most-asked questions

UK snow: Answers to your most-asked questions
Feb 16,2020 2:36 am

... Don t use boiling water to de-ice windscreens - Hot water can crack the glass, and the water will only freeze again on the screen or on the ground where you are standing...

Coronavirus is from the doctor's diary: Why is the pandemic-making medical careers popular?

Feb 16,2020 2:36 am

Prior to his illness, Alex Brown sits patiently as hospital employees practice the installation of a CPAP Ventilation

It is a surge of interest in becoming a paramedic during this pandemic was, in spite of the fact that those who start at The Front and to run The Risk of The Virus . Dr. John Wright , Bradford Royal Infirmary, writes about two colleagues who have decided to be doctors later in life and were hit hard When they came up with Covid-19.

This was a time When The Quiet men and women, the occupation of the NHS and care homes came out of The Shadows and into the spotlight. You served your country and served in their communities, putting their lives in danger in The Process .

A million people answered The Call to volunteer, the NHS in This Time of crisis. Thousands and many Young People have questions, contact the Bradford Royal Infirmary, When they are added to our career outreach sessions.

becoming a doctor or a nurse or a health worker never seemed so important, and it doesn't matter how old you are or what you have done - it is rarely Too Late to follow your heart.

Two of my colleagues, a consultant geriatrician Prof Alex Brown and orthopaedic registrar Ken Linton came to medicine was the career in the military and banking-Alex as a captain in Northern Ireland and the Falklands, while Ken is the vice-President of the Lehman Brothers investment bank was, until a few months before its collapse in 2008. With 61 and 54 were at a higher risk than many develop severe symptoms, if you are caught Covid-19, and sure enough, you Will eventually patient in his own hospital.

Alex brown in uniform: The Comedy MASH pulled him in the direction of medicine

For anyone who thinks that Covid's just a flu-like illness, which I Will illustrate now to Alex to see how it can bring a tough, stoic, an ex-army man on the knee.

Alex was aware of The Risk he was older and male (and a bit overweight), but it did not stop him. "You just get on and do what you have to do," he says.

He also knew that there is no rapid tests, and the Covid-19, and which allows us to immediately determine which patients had. So while we, the clinic is divided into a "red" infectious zone, and a "Green Zone " for non-Covid patients, we were never going to get it 100% right. (I wrote 10 days ago, was tested positive after he was admitted, with what seemed to be the beginning, gallstone problems. )

And as Alex points out, "The Level of PPE that we wear, depend on which stocks are available. "

If PSA was close, Alex Brown, organised the delivery of the masks

Alex had only caught missed a day of Work in his life, until he The Virus . After testing positive, he then worked for Seven Days in quarantine in his room, but at this point, instead of getting better, he was getting worse and worse. A stroll in The Garden , he began to tremble and to sweat, and his temperature rose to 40C. Four days later, his son, the already recovered from Covid-19, drove him to A& E.

Supplied with new drugs, Alex went back home, in the care of his wife, a GP.

"It was really hard, I have not known anything like it. I have to imagine in some of the Most difficult situations, but nothing like this. You feel so vulnerable. I had a terrible fever and Chills - for the nights went on, and my temperature was so high. "

The hardened ex-soldier welled up as he told me.

"I couldn't Move easy really - no energy and feeling is so horrible. Even now, three weeks on, I can't really climb a flight of stairs without my pulse going up, and I want to Work . I feel so bad away from the municipalities to know, I can't be there to help my colleagues. "


Prof John Wright , a physician and epidemiologist, is head of the Bradford Institute for Health Research, and a veteran of cholera, HIV and Ebola epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa. He writes the diary for the Bbc News and the recording of The Hospital departments for BBC Radio.

Ken Linton, PhD in engineering and Computer Science , before moving into the banking sector, When he was head hunted by Lehman Brothers and Wall Street . He made a fortune and had bought a 37ft boat and a small airplane by The Time things started to go awry for The Bank in the spring of 2008, and his Department was closed.

A few months later, The Bank collapsed and the economic crisis began, but Ken came out largely unscathed. The New York Times described him in 2009, although at This Time he was also a volunteer in New York hospitals. He considered becoming a chef, but in his mid-40s - he decided for medicine.

As a life long asthmatic Ken was concerned, if Covid-came 19 in the UK this spring. Many of his colleagues at the Bradford Royal Infirmary, were it always, and he eventually developed the symptoms, the on 8. May.

"I went to bed, and I was too Hot and I was like really, really Hot . And Then I woke up and was absolutely freezing. And Then I began to be sick," he says.

"I called A& E and Packed a bag for everything you need in The Hospital - many people forget The Essentials . The Consultant took my vitals and I was very short of breath. I had low potassium, and my Oxygen Saturation was horrible. So they got me to the Station very quickly. "

Soon he was at "about 10 drugs" and Oxygen .

Ken Linton, already on The Mend

"It is a terrible disease, because Every Day after that, I had a new strange symptom. I had. My kidneys shut down on Wednesday morning. I have blocked a dermatological condition of the arteries that supply The Skin . There is a new surprise, Every Day . The Day before I went home, I got this viral rash on my wrist. "

He was in The Hospital for almost three weeks. He is home now for a week, but as Alex Brown, he can only manage stairs with difficulty. And like Alex , he is desperate to get Back To Work - in his case, the orthopedic surgery.

It would, of course, for stories like this, Some People Make it think twice, come to Work in a hospital, but The Evidence shows The Opposite is happening.

Alex , who is responsible for our trainee doctors and often leads weekend-not to mention workshops for local schools, thinks that the large amount of exposure to the NHS has received, the clap for carers - "opened to look at the minds of the people," medicine and nursing as a profession.

" Ken , the former Lehman Brothers banker, points out that "you can't take money When you die", but that as a doctor, "you can Make your mark - Make a difference". He has The Evidence in the letters of patients, and thanked him, and other hospital employees to take care of them, When you need it Most .

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