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    Headlines: UK's 'worst ever rapist" and a crisis with Iran deepens
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    The jailing of serial sexual predator Reynhard Sinaga features strongly on Tuesday, the front pages.
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  • 2020-02-16
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    Reynhard Sinaga, also apartment attacked to the unconscious victim looks in to his students in Manchester

    filmed The Face of the serial sex attacker, Reynhard Sinaga, how many of the title-pages, in addition to reports of the multiple life sentences he received for drug and 48 men attacked, he met in front of a night club in Manchester .

    calls him "Britain's worst ever rapist". heading asks, "How many did he rape?"

    in conversation with his friends. It describes him as a "nice, meek, and harmless". Another called him "a sweet, cheerful guy. "

    he added that the Church is a sign, a reference to the court.

    After the US air attack in Iran, the commander killed, The Situation in the British and American troops in Iraq, the most important story for and.

    The Times says the UK is increasingly on the emergency plans for the evacuation of soldiers and civilians from Iraq, because of the growing fears of attacks. He said around 20 military advisers were sent to The Embassy in Baghdad, where the Association of withdrawal routes.

    reports that the Royal Navy war ships are closely monitoring the British tankers in The Gulf , because they boats of fear, the attacks on Iranian U -. It is the Iranian mini-says-U-boats sink could British ships have been spotted, in preparation for the introduction of the Republican guard, the " U-boat base in the Strait of Hormuz.

    The political correspondent, Patrick Maguire, a rating of the chances of Rebecca Long-Bailey in the Labour leadership race. He says that the decision of the Labour Party Chairman, Ian Lavery , to is to reach out to them in a strong position, The Final vote of the members.

    Rebecca Long-Bailey was The Sixth candidate to enter the leadership race

    But he says that the positioning on The Left -hand side, as a continuity candidate, the risks in The Light of the last month do not believe the outcome of the election and the rival campaigns that you have enough support to win The Final contest.

    reflection on The Future of The Party , said the leadership contest must be conducted, with honesty and humility. He believes that the cooperation "on a wide, again in the Church," and that there is "no quick fix" after his momentous defeat.

    The Mirror by fears the leadership election fast-tracked to ensure The Machine behind the last month's crushing election defeat to retain control. Thinks that it would work, it would be wiser to "reflect first, second choice" and invest more thought and time put into the decision of who would win a General election.

    The "Financial Times" claimed that the spending on science are growing rapidly, and experimental post-brexit. It says that the government's plans for the creation of a new state-backed Agency for the promotion of the ambitious "High Risk , high reward" - experiments, and that many senior scientists, the warming in the leadership of Boris Johnson 's administration.

    The Times reported that up to 40% of the trains to the major cities to connect in the North of England and Scotland were cancelled this month due to the late delivery of the new car.

    the TRANS-Pennine Express is already on one of the worst punctuality records over The Network , with only 38% of the trains.

    Now, the axing of a large number of trains, Liverpool, Manchester , Leeds, York, Durham, Newcastle and Edinburgh. The Shadow transport Secretary, Andy Mcdonald , describes the repeal as a "disgrace".

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