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    Headlines: the House of Lords expenses 'out of control' and No 10 defying the EU
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    Brexit-trade talks and a cost-study are among the top stories in the Sunday Newspapers.
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    To get expenses for peers in The House of Lords "out of control" according to the analysis by the Sunday Times. The Number of peerages to be increased, while money claims of the gentlemen rose to 29% in a Year - and they have recently agreed to a wage increase, The Paper says. The Result? A "triple-hit for the taxpayers," The Report claims. Downing Street behaviour, for obvious ridicule in the European Union before Brexit free trade makes the story in the Sunday Express. A source told The Paper , the EU officials seem to be "divided and distracted", in the run-up to The Talks , while the tabloids mocked, what calls it, the "chaos" of the EU budget summit ended without agreement on Friday. The Daily Mail 's Front Page calls in question The Duke of York's alibi on The Night a young victim of trafficking, he had sex with says to her. Prince Andrew has become the best all allegations rode against him, but The Paper says a former royal protection officer objected to his claim that he was at home all evening on The Night in question. The Labour leadership contest takes The Top spot in the viewer, as a candidate, Sir Keir Starmer , his party calls to "pull". And in what The Paper calls his "strongest, most personal attacks to date" on the Prime Minister , Sir Keir says, "dangerous," Boris Johnson should not be caricatured, "like a clown". In other policy news, the Sunday Telegraph leads on claims that Mr wants to replace Johnson, A Number of secretaries of state, because they are in conflict with Conservative Ministers and advisers. The Paper also reported that the former culture Secretary of state, Baroness Morgan of Cotes has warned that the BBC reform is "inevitable". The police have investigated The Disappearance of Madeleine Mccann asked a British barmaid for information about her German ex-boyfriend, the Sunday Mirror reported. Three-Year -old Madeleine disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007. Trophy hunting leads on The Star 's Front Page , a former firearms expert has accused the people to shoot the "sick" chance animals on Big Game trips in Africa. A picture of a dead zebra accompanies the article, Peter Jones , posing with the Met police, allegedly with a client. And finally, a "cocaine-smuggling grandma", you fear you will die before you serve your eight-Year Sentence in prison in Portugal, reports the Sunday people. Susan Clarke , 71, who was locked up for drug offences in addition to her husband, says The Paper : "I have a Death Sentence . "

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