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    Headlines: headlines about American diplomats, the wife, and Jennifer Arcuri
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    Tuesday, the papers are dominated by stories about a US entrepreneur, a diplomat's wife and Escape.
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    The Financial Times expresses concern over

    The FT claims that the US President, the lightly America's main Syrian ally in the fight against the Islamic state group to abandon.

    An official from the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic forces, it felt like a stab in the back. After the loss of 11,000 men and women, the militant, to fight, he said Mr Trump has not the decency to say, The Group In Person .

    Meanwhile, as Mr Trump has paved the way for a Turkish attack on the Kurdish-led militia.

    The Times describes as the fear of an attack by the Turkish army.

    Martin Chulov argues that The President of the ruthless short-term realism ignores the fact that the regional interests that he wants to save - with Iran and securing Israel - are threatened by such a blatant betrayal.

    There is further reporting on the case of The Wife of an American diplomat involved in a road crash in which a 19-year-old motorcycle driver died.

    London and Washington are Locked In an extraordinary stand-off over the question of whether the Diplomatic Immunity for Anne Sacoolas should be repealed.

    The Times reported that if the U.S. does not change its attitude.

    The Sun feels, it is a scandal that they are not the backbone, to refuse immunity.

    Harry Dunn , 19, died in hospital after his motorbike was in a crash with a Volvo

    his hopes of breaking the deadlock hanging on by a thread.

    And The Guardian calls for the Metropolitan Police Service to ring in Westminster.

    It feels to answer serious questions remain about what went wrong, both in terms of culture and process.

    The Telegraph said home Secretary Priti Patel has to ensure that

    The E-Mail questions The Role of The Police watchdog, after it was no indication of misconduct on the part of officials, and held No One to blame.

    Finally, as a beer festival, organised by The Campaign for Real Ale, ran out of beer several hours of drinking time.

    About 900 people ate the 4,000 litres of beer and cider at the two-day event in Dorsten.

    A man not be posted on Social Media that he will agree only with one other person, the said Camra not a alcohol in a beer festival could organize.

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