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    Headlines: Brexit-commercial speech, and No 10 adviser resigns
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    On Tuesday, the Newspapers reports of the British chief Brexit negotiation leader's speech in Brussels.
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  • 2020-02-18
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    British EU exit is The Top story for the Financial Times, after a speech by the PM's chief trade negotiator in Brussels on Monday evening. David Frost said that the UK would not allow the EU reported for the monitoring of its provisions in exchange for a trade agreement, The Paper . France says it is preparing to persuade a "last desperate attempt" of the other EU to toughen members to "" their claims to the Kingdom. Tuesday Telegraph leads with Lord Frost of the speech, which he described as "a rare intervention for a official". He said the British EU-exit is an opportunity for the "economic competition", which should benefit all the people in Europe. The Paper says that he is "the Form of the UK's preferred trade deal in the next week" in the run-up to the negotiations in March. The U-Bahn leads to the resignation of Downing Street adviser Andrew Sabisky after criticism of comments that he made, before The Job . The notes - including the race - were made on The Internet by a user with Mr Sabisky name. The Paper says Mr Sabisky has been set, after the adviser, Dominic Cummings , called for "an outsider and a weirdo with strange abilities". The Guardian reported on the resignation of Mr Sabisky. He says it came to "mounting criticism" within the Conservative Party , according to No 10 "refused to condemn" comments he had allegedly made. The resignation "is a defeat" for the PM's aide Mr Cummings, the added paper. The Times also reports on the operations within No 10 - But at a reported disagreement between Boris Johnson and aide-de-camp, Mr. Cummings plans to scrap the BBC licence fee. The Times says the PM is "significantly less gung-ho", as Mr Cummings on the abolition of the fee, The Paper says. Most of the Front Page of The Mirror is with an aerial photograph of the flooding in Hereford, after Another Day of flooding after a Storm Ciara and Dennis. The Paper quoted environmental scientist, Angela Terry, as to say, the Kingdom is in a "national emergency". The Daily Star reported that NASA is seeking to build a nuclear spaceship to travel the 25 trillion miles to explore until the next star of "aliens". The Paper says that the new spacecraft would exist the car to an area in another star system, where the temperature is "just right for liquid water," and where the scientists are "most likely to live". The main photo on The Front of the Daily Mail , the late Princess Margaret's son, The Earl of Snowdon, and his wife, The Countess of Snowdon, have announced their Divorce . The Paper 's top story on the savings Bank and National Savings and Investments, which cut its interest rates. Savers dealt a fresh blow were says, "" The Paper , and The Move , "raises questions about the value of money to be set aside". The Daily Express leads with the Snowdons' Divorce after 27 years of marriage, say, only split a week after the other royal. Last week, The Queen 's grandson Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn announced to Divorce her.

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