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Population741. 4
Did you knowEurope is the third-most-populous continent (738,849,000) in the world.
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About Europe

'Europe Since 1870' provides a broad synthesis of a long and crowded period of history; a time of confusion and contradiction whose main themes have been provided by great mass movements - liberalism, imperialism, fascism, communism. . . .

French police clash with water reservoir protesters

French police clash with water reservoir protesters
Mar 25,2023 12:50 pm

... But the Council of Europe - the continent s leading human rights group - has warned that sporadic acts of violence " cannot justify excessive use of force by agents of the state" or " deprive peaceful protesters of their right to freedom of assembly"...

MI5 spy reveals secret 'unauthorised' IRA talks

MI5 spy reveals secret 'unauthorised' IRA talks
Mar 25,2023 2:10 am

... The historical train - Europe - determines that...

Xi Putin meeting: What to expect from China-Russia talks

Xi Putin meeting: What to expect from China-Russia talks
Mar 19,2023 6:20 pm

... All governments have such visits, so why all the attention on this one? Well, for one, this is the leader of one of the world s two great superpowers visiting an ally - who happens to be the person who has unleashed a bloody invasion of another country in Europe - in 2023...

Stock markets hit again by banking worries

Stock markets hit again by banking worries
Mar 15,2023 8:10 am

... Share indexes across Europe - including the UK s FTSE 100 - were down by about 2...

Ukraine war: Russia fires hypersonic missiles in new barrage

Ukraine war: Russia fires hypersonic missiles in new barrage
Mar 9,2023 11:50 am

... It cut the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant - Europe s biggest - from the grid, although power was later restored...

Why have there been no named winter storms this year?

Why have there been no named winter storms this year?
Feb 1,2023 10:41 pm

... Weather patterns have been calmer across the Atlantic and towards northwest Europe...

In pictures: Shetland's Up Helly Aa Viking fire festival

In pictures: Shetland's Up Helly Aa Viking fire festival
Feb 1,2023 6:01 am

... Up Helly Aa - the biggest fire festival in Europe - is traditionally held on the last Tuesday in January...

Eurovision: Why is the UK hosting it and when is it on?

Eurovision: Why is the UK hosting it and when is it on?
Jan 31,2023 4:11 am

... But because of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) which organises the contest invited the BBC to host it on Ukraine s behalf...

Christmas off, then straight back to war

Jan 26,2023 8:41 pm

Adam Ennis didn't make it home to His Family for Christmas, but he still considers himself luckier than his comrades.

They slept rough in the trenches on Ukraine's Front Line while he enjoyed a rare Day Off .

Mr Ennis, 35, last March, against government advice and with just Basic Training he gained from a cadet scheme at school.

Since then, he has seen action in at least two major fronts. He now says he is unlikely to return to Scotland until The War is over.

" I have no plans to come Back Home anytime soon, " he told Bbc Scotland . " My heart is invested in this War effort like The Brave boys around me.

" We owe it to each other, to our families who have had to deal with the heartbreak of our decision to be involved in this War , to finish this and free Ukraine once and for all.

" Ukraine fights for all of Europe - we must not forget this. "

" Coming here was The Best decision of My Life , " He Said . " I have purpose here and have met so many Good People . "

Mr Ennis had Christmas Day away from duty, but did not switch off for a minute.

He added: " I will miss My Family and friends over this period but I Am lucky to have Good People around me. I will be thinking of all those not as fortunate.

" It doesn't feel like Christmas to be honest. Mentally we have switched back to Game Time . "

On Boxing Day , Mr Ennis drove back to his unit's area of operations and was back on duty The Next morning.

His group is scheduled to be in operations until The End of January.

Although morale is " sky high" among The Soldiers , Mr Ennis sees The Daily struggle for ordinary Ukrainians.

" The civilians are in a bad way Out Here , " He Said . " The bombardments on the cities are almost Every Day targeting energy facilities and civilian infrastructure.

" They don't have electricity for days at a time and they are relying on humanitarian aid for survival. "

It is Those People he wants to help.

" Anyone that can help needs to help. There are plenty of charities sending aid over. Every small donation whether it's food or clothes is vital.

" This is the hardest part for me about this War - what I have witnessed these animals do to The Innocent from Day One . "

Mr Ennis uses to highlight The Cause , keep family updated and appeal to The Public to help.

The nametag on Mr Ennis's backpack reads " Braveheart" which is how he is known to The Other international fighters.

and featured in a film about international soldiers putting their lives on The Line for The People of Ukraine.

He Said The Situation had changed " dramatically" in The War since his last trip home In July .

" We now have momentum on our side, " He Said .

" But although we have taken much ground back and will continue to do so, it is coming at a high cost.

" Many Good Men have sacrificed their lives for Ukraine. The Casualties on our side, though they are far too high, are a lot fewer than the Russians.

" They will happily sacrifice 200 men to take a position that 20 of our men hold. "

Mr Ennis described three Russian lines In Battle .

The First line is conscripts has been " mowed down in their hundreds".

He added: " The Second is the regular army and the third line is Wagner private military group who's job is to shoot anyone who retreats from The First and second positions. "

He admitted to being proud of the Ukrainian people " who just want to be free and part of Europe ".

As he prepared to return to freezing conditions,. Mr Ennis had a message for those he has Left Behind in Scotland.

" I Wish everyone Back Home a merry Christmas and a happy New Year .

" Keep Ukraine in your thoughts and help if you can.

" Appreciate The Situation that you are All In as it can all change in a heartbeat. Just ask Ukraine. "

Ukraine War : The basics

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