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    England floods: George Eustice, defended the government's response
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    During a visit to flood-hit Shropshire, George Eustice, says decisions were made " in time".
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    George Eustice has been shown, is. a screen with pictures of the high water protection on a visit to Ironbridge

    Boris Johnson has "periodically" on the high water situation, The Environment Secretary, said during a visit to flood-hit Shropshire

    George Eustice , who was in Ironbridge and Shrewsbury earlier, the Prime Minister said "it was clear he wanted to lead me on this".

    It Follows criticism of the flood-affected areas.

    Mr Eustice also said £4bn would be spent on flood protection over five years. The Money was pledged in the last year.

    storm Jorge, due to hit at the Weekend , could be more trouble in the region, with Heavy Rain also forecast on Friday .

    as well as the floods in Shropshire, up, East Yorkshire , flooded been.

    During his visit to Ironbridge, Mr Eustice said: "The Prime Minister , when he made appointed me Two Weeks ago, clearly, he wanted to lead me to this.

    "We discussed storm Dennis arrived this Weekend . discussed our response.

    "I'll keep him regularly informed of what is happening; the most important thing is, we have to make The Right decisions in a timely manner? And I think The Answer is Yes. "

    Mr Eustice praised the team's work "on the ground", who have done a "fantastic job in responding to this" and said the government would look to make improvements to the defenses of some of the.

    "We will spend about £4bn in the next five years on flood protection," he said.

    The Money was pledged by the Conservatives in their before the 2019 Federal election.

    "Some, trying on nature-based solutions in the run-up to, uphill, keep the water, so that vulnerable communities like those on the Severn are to be less likely to be affected, but there are also some tough defenses in place as well," said Mr Eustace said.

    He refused to be drawn on exactly which projects will be supported, saying it would be assessments based on flood risk and the sum of the number of houses that protected potentially.

    Steven Clarke , who operates a allocation in Coleham, Shrewsbury, said it was not speak of "insult" Mr Eustice, for the residents and business affected by the recent floods.

    "we were promised that we would be able to speak with him and that was the purpose of his visit," Mr Clarke said.

    "We were speaking harshly with him and a few answers. he just walked past and went to go to The Bridge and do some interviews. "

    On Wednesday afternoon, over fears of Shropshire and Worcestershire, where evacuations take place, will be further affected after Heavy Rain in Wales.

    The Met Office warned parts of Wales and Northern England could see between 60 to 80 mm of rain on Friday - with a lot of rain in Wales area and in the direction of flood-hit communities in the West Midlands fall in the Severn catchment.

    There was a pause for breath, but with the water case recently of about 40cm in Ironbridge and 80cm in Shrewsbury.

    Rachel Moss, who said a hair salon in Coleham, the people "need action".

    "We have already met twice in a week - there are still rumors, it could still be worse to come this Weekend ," She Said .

    "If she does, it will absolutely this Community is devastating. "

    defenses along The wharfage in Ironbridge buckled

    Chris Bainger, from the Environment Agency , said: "We have a bit of a rest, we simply move the showers through the course of the next few days.

    "But you come in Friday we have another band of rain comes through, which is going to be up in the Welsh mountains and that will come to us. perhaps Saturday.

    "We have already planned, a further 10 days on 24/7 manning of our incident room and operational staff of all of our obstacles. "

    to follow the BBC West Midlands , and

    you will Be evacuated by Ironbridge or the surrounding areas? If you are in the position, your experience E-Mail share.

    Please enter a phone number to talk if you are willing to have a journalist of the BBC. You can>also in The Following way:

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