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    Childhood trauma: 'My parents put me in dangerous situations'
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    Katey Jo Pilling remembers, brought up by their parents, addicted to drugs and alcohol.
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    The impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) is being taught to police officers in a bid to stop Young People falling into A Life of crime.

    In Wales, More Than 5,000 front-line officers and police staff have been trained in responding to crimes involving children to enable them to recognise whether they may be experiencing ACEs.

    The programme, which has been backed by More Than £6. 5m of Home Office funding, is being used as a pilot which could, potentially, be repeated in other parts of the country.

    ACEs are traumatic experiences that occur before the age of 18 and are remembered throughout adulthood.

    Katey Jo Pilling's parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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