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Initial release Japan
Directors Yoshimitsu Morita
Languages Japanese
Composers Shigeru Umebayashi
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About And Then

In the changing Tokyo of 1909, businessman's son Daisuke (Yusaku Matsuda) lives apart from his family in a world of books and art. Disdaining modernization and sheltered from financial worries, Daisuke's cloistered life is shaken up when old friend Hiroaka (Kaoru Kobayashi) and his wife Michiyo (Miwako Fujitani) return. Daisuke never declared his love for Michiyo, stepping aside for his friend. With Hiroaka in financial trouble and Michiyo miserable, will Daisuke flout society to steal her away? …

Cheese rolling race: Hundreds compete in Coopers Hill event

Cheese rolling race: Hundreds compete in Coopers Hill event
May 29,2023 12:00 pm

... " I remember running, then bumping my head, And Then I woke up in the tent, " she said...

Indian Olympic wrestlers detained as latest protest escalates

Indian Olympic wrestlers detained as latest protest escalates
May 28,2023 4:21 pm

... " Regarding further action, we would ascertain what rules have been violated And Then take action by following due legal process...

Xbox v PlayStation: The battle for control

Xbox v PlayStation: The battle for control
May 28,2023 9:31 am

... And Then there s the games...

Relay theft: Mum's warning over criminals targeting keyless cars

Relay theft: Mum's warning over criminals targeting keyless cars
May 28,2023 4:20 am

... She said: " So you can see a gentleman approaching our side door and he holds up something, like a big cable loop - it looks like a kind of a broken hula hoop - to detect the keys And Then amplify the radar of this keyless system to then make the car think the key is next to it And Then unlock the car and start the engine...

Energy companies making 'war profits' - Reeves

Energy companies making 'war profits' - Reeves
May 27,2023 12:10 am

... Energy firm profits have soared recently, initially due to rising demand after Covid restrictions were lifted, And Then because Russia s invasion of Ukraine raised energy prices...

Hikikomori: Why S Korea is paying young recluses to leave home

Hikikomori: Why S Korea is paying young recluses to leave home
May 26,2023 8:30 pm

... And Then he went out to sea for a fishing expedition, with fellow recluses he had met through a non-profit organisation...

How Jords became the first UK rap act on Motown records

How Jords became the first UK rap act on Motown records
May 26,2023 8:10 pm

... " And Then you take in that this is the first UK rap album that s coming out on Motown...

East Kent: A decade of failure in maternity care

East Kent: A decade of failure in maternity care
May 26,2023 7:21 pm

... Put simply, the trust has repeatedly failed to provide good care - And Then failed to act when presented with evidence of poor care...

Liam Holden: Murder suspect was waterboarded into confession, court rules

May 26,2023 5:51 pm

By Julian O'Neill & James KellyBBC News NI

The family of a Belfast man has been awarded £350,000 in damages after he was tortured into admitting killing a British Soldier in 1972.

Liam Holden was subjected to waterboarding techniques while in military custody and his treatment led to A Confession , The High Court ruled.

His conviction for murdering Private Frank Bell was quashed a decade ago.

The Last man in the UK sentenced to hang, Mr Holden died last September, aged 68.

His death penalty was commuted and he was released 17 years into a 40-year sentence, the rest of which he spent on licence.

He always maintained he was hooded, waterboarded and had a gun pointed at his head before wrongly admitting to shooting Private Bell .

Mr Holden's murder conviction was finally quashed in 2012, and he was then awarded £1m for losses suffered due to the miscarriage of justice.

'Soldiers acted in Bad Faith '

Delivering Friday's ruling in the damages case against the Ministry of Defence (MoD), The Judge said Mr Holden genuinely believed he was going to be killed.

With paratroopers having wrongly and unlawfully induced him to make the admission, the MoD was held liable for his malicious prosecution and misfeasance in public office.

" The plaintiff was subjected to waterboarding; he was hooded; he was driven in a car flanked by soldiers to a location where he thought he would be assassinated, " said The Judge .

" A gun was put to his head and he was threatened that he would be shot dead.

" Hooding of the plaintiff, in the circumstances as alleged, constitutes inhuman and degrading treatment in breach of Article 3 of the [European Convention on Human Rights ], " He Said .

The Judge said that while The Soldiers had an " honest belief" they were acting lawfully they knew their actions would injure Mr Holden and " unquestionably acted in Bad Faith ".

Their actions left Mr Holden with significant psychological effects, said The Judge .

After the ruling, the Holden family expressed sadness and relief.

" My Father is Not Here to see this finished, " his son Samuel Bowden told BBC Radio Ulster's Talkback programme.

" What he went through should never have happened. . Today it's All Clear that he was innocent. "

'Like I was drowning'

At a previous court hearing, Mr Holden gave his account of his treatment by soldiers after his arrest.

He Said he was pinned to the floor while a towel was placed over his face.

" They started pouring a bucket of water slowly through the towel, " He Said .

" The First thing I felt was the cold, then trying to breathe And Then sucking water in through my mouth and up my nose.

" It was like you were just drowning. "

He Said that up to four sessions of questioning and waterboarding were carried out.

Mr Holden was then hooded, dragged out of a chair and taken to a loyalist area of Belfast.

" While we were driving one of The Soldiers was tapping my knee with a gun, saying: 'This is For You ', " he told The Court .

" They took me out of The Car and brought me into a field, put a gun To My head and said if I didn't admit to shooting The Soldier they would shoot me. "

Asked by his barrister how he had responded to the alleged threat, Mr Holden replied: " I just said: 'I shot The Soldier . '

" [I] made a cock-and-bull story about where I shot him from, where I got The Weapon , where I dumped The Weapon and how I got away. "

A forensic psychiatrist who examined Mr Holden in 2016 said he described being plagued by nightmares more frightening than any real-life experience.

His son Samuel said his criminal record made it difficult to get work, leave the country or just " get a Normal Life going".

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