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    Alexandra Palace is a Grade II listed entertainment and sports venue in London, located between Muswell Hill and Wood Green in the London Borough of Haringey. It is built on the site of Tottenham Wood and the later Tottenham Wood Farm.

  • 3155413 Dancing On My Own: The story behind Robyn, 2010, the 'sad banger'

    Number of words : 1635 Number of sentences : 98 Number of paragraphs : 76

    "It's a big Black Sky over my town. "

    this line Dancing On My Own , Robyn Declaration of love to The Weather in their homeland, the city of Stockholm, Sweden.

    It is one of your two favorite lyrics from The Track , just Ten Years old.

    It is also my favorite song of all time.

    That means, I dance for a decade, and to sing, to kitchens in clubs, at festivals and friends. It is sound tracked some of The Most personal moments in My Life .

    Among The Last of the lockdown, it is considered that in a new light with one of Robyn's self.

    Like many Other People , I love the bitter sweet combination of hearing something so uplifting yet so heartbreaking.

    There are so many highlights, but Robyn told me her other favorite line: "I just want to dance the night away. "

    At this point in The Song to which you've taken us to The Club , where we see how her ex kiss a new partner. We have all been there, right?

    she says, it is precisely in the moment on the dance floor, if you have, your "despair, frustration and sadness".

    It has been described as.

    With its numerous cover versions, and The Number of movies and TV shows, it showed up in The Song is considered a classic with outlets like, and all ranking him as The Best song of the Last Decade .

    Like The Song

    From 2010 began Robyn had. from the mid-1990s, a major-label pop-star in a fiercely independent artist with her own label, konichiwa Nijmegen Records

    With Each heartbeat, also had a UK number-one single in the year 2007.

    Dancing On My Own , it was their first new music since years and is The Lead single from The First of her three Body Talk albums she released about six months.

    "I knew I wanted a song called Dancing On My Own ," Robyn Radio beat told 1 News, from her apartment in Stockholm. "I don't what it was just knew it. "

    'It was getting better and better'

    With an idea of a chorus in your head, Robyn began a collaboration with the Swedish producer Patrik Berger , who would you, in cooperation with on their previous album.

    in The beginning, Patrik remembers The Song with an acoustic vibe. The choir came first and "everything fell into place and it felt like the writing was".

    Patrik is known they were "super-picky" about every aspect of The Song , and he recently found a notebook with hundreds of texts which have been written, and along scrapped The Way .

    "Every single word used to feel," he tells Newsbeat.

    His favorite lyrics, "I know where you are, I bet she's around", he feels, represents the "self-destructive part of them, when we know we should not go there. It is like a wound scratch. "

    Robyn remembers Patrik spend a lot of time on the individual components of The Song : The Drums , The Bass and a pounding staccato starts with it.

    "We keep building, and it was getting better and better and better," she says.

    "It was an exciting session. I remember sending the demo to the record company and told them that I thought we had a good single. "

    A 'magical moment' in television,

    Robyn says she is proud of Dancing On My Own , because it has elements of "different worlds", which she loves, including: "Prince songs, 80s-rock-ballads-and queer-electronica".

    The Song was a hit. Dancing On My Own Number Eight made it in.

    He went to the head to The End of the year Robyn performed on TV shows around The World , and that was it.

    Then the two decisive moments came in The First of Robyn in The Life of your song. We will later on The Second .

    In 2012, it was in The First season of HBO's Girls, the TV comedy-drama created by Lena Dunham .

    Lena Dunham created girls and says Robyn creates a 'universal yet personal" songs

    Robyn, says the use of The Song was "genius", while Lena Dunham told Newsbeat it was "magical".

    In the episode, Lena's character Hannah finds out that her ex-boyfriend is gay. You sat in your apartment and Dance On My Own , it starts on your laptop.

    her Best Friend Marnie (Alison Williams) to go home and dance in Hannah's bedroom is on The Track , which plays over The End credits.

    "was meant to be The moment on the set, so short and so easy," says Lena. "But it has so much significance because it marks the First Time me and Alison felt in our characters. "

    Off Camera , she says, the whole team was dancing and people were crying.

    "you could feel The Power and the love that went into The Song . "

    When Lena picked up her Golden Globe for The Best actress to play Dancing On My Own , was when they went on stage to collect.

    "It was like a companion at this moment to the public. "

    Dancing On My Own , was also featured in Gossip Girl , Orange Is The New Black , RuPaul's Race, movies, Teen, Spirit, and Long Shot , and the Masked singer, USA Drag.

    'I owe my career to Robyn'

    It is also covered several times by artists such as,, and.

    "I like Kelly's version," says Robyn. "She has a really powerful voice. She took one of my favorite Max Martin songs, Since U Been gone, I have in the Radio 1 Live Lounge. So, this is funny. "

    But his most famous cover is of Calum Scott , who has The Song a second flowering.

    In the year 2015 is considered to be The British singer during auditions for Britain's Got Talent with a stripped-Back version of The Track , the video in the meantime.

    "I fell in love with The Song immediately," he says. "I was about 21, when it was originally released, and it came at The Height of me, figure out my Personality . "

    Calum Scott began his career on Britain's Got Talent

    He points to the lyric "I'm right here, why you can See Me ?" as at precisely the moment it is linked to The Song .

    Calum struggled with his sexuality Growing Up . He says that Dancing has been On My Own his anthem.

    "I didn't really know who I was, so when I sang it, all of these feelings from My Past spilled over into The Song . "

    Calum's version in 2016, was released commercially and performed better than Robyn's original, peaked at Number Two on the UK singles chart.

    "I owe my career, Robyn," he says.

    He also describes the "surreal moment" when the two met - by Chance - at The Bbc .

    "you walked by and I froze. You came up to me and said it was nice to finally meet me. You never expect to meet the person who had the original song".

    Robyn, says Calum, and his voice interpreted it in a way that "The Song came alive again".

    "I'm super happy that the success and am glad to know people learned The Song a bit more."

    she says, there are so many cover, because "it is a great song".

    "Tired of broken hearts'

    But how was Calum that The Song to a far wider audience in the middle of 2010, Robyn was a step Back from what they had created.

    "Dancing On My Own , sometimes felt like a teenage version of me, that I was glad To Let her go," she says.

    The Song came from a break-up in your own life, and she became "tired of The Broken heart".

    "I went through a lot of therapy, worked on me and healed me.

    "Now I'm in love again. I don't feel contradicted, and I love performing, and they play it live. "

    When Robyn toured in the year 2019, cut The Song just before The Chorus , so that thousands of fans to sing their track Back To her.

    I was at a gig at London's Alexandra Palace . It's such a goosebump was to join the moment, all the other singing "I'm in The Corner , Watching You kiss her" at the top of our voices.

    at The Time , I remember Robyn seemed really overwhelmed.

    "It's like The Song talks Back To me," she says.

    By this point, felt they had moved The Song from its beginnings, and "was something that made sense for a lot of people in different ways".

    For someone who often writes about Heartbreak and emotions, Robyn says she finds the nostalgia and sentimentality "difficult".

    "These emotions didn't always feel right to me, and I think Dancing On My Own , these qualities.

    "It may be a part of The Song , I had to fight. But maybe that is why there are so many people to connects. "

    Fka Twigs , Christine & Queens, Robyn and Charli Xcx at the Nme Awards 2020

    In February, Robyn was at the Nme Awards , an award presented to her by Christine & Queens and Charli Xcx .

    Charli says developed Robyn "continuously" in their career, but "has always remained true to who she is".

    Héloïse Letissier, Christine & Queens, described her songwriting as "pop perfection".

    "As a songwriter I can only marvel at a song like a dance On My Own ," says Letissier. "It is a jewel of the pop. I watched as her appearance in Oslo Last Year and it was The Most cathartic thing I've ever seen. "

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