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Channel migrants: More than 30,000 cross in small boats this year photograph

Channel Migrants: More Than 30,000 Cross In Small Boats This Year

Channel Migrants: More Than 30,000 Cross In Small Boats This Year Detail

Sep 22,2022 7:30 am


More Than 30,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel in small boats this year, government figures have shown.

Among the latest arrivals at Dungeness in Kent were children wrapped in blankets and people in winter coats.

Several groups of people were also seen arriving along the coast at Dover on Wednesday.

Last week, The Number of people to cross this year. Figures for small boat crossings have grown steadily in recent years.

On Wednesday 667 people crossed the Channel in 15 small boats, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed, bringing the total number of arrivals this year to 30,549.

So Far this month 5,475 people have made The Journey .

A government spokesman said the continued rise in crossings was " a clear abuse of our immigration laws, risking the lives of vulnerable people and funding immoral criminal gangs".

He Said : " Despite the lies they have been sold by The People smugglers, migrants who travel through safe countries to illegally enter the UK will not be allowed to start a New Life here. "

Anyone who crossed in genuine need of asylum would be " in scope" to be relocated to Rwanda, the government spokesman added.

A is under way over the policy which was announced by former Home Secretary Priti Patel in April.

Lawyers for the home secretary have argued concerns over the scheme from the United Nations are misplaced.

The Second stage of the legal case is expected to take place in October.

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